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Only Gold Review

As the US goes deeper into debt and the US dollar continues to die a slow and undignified death many people are losing everything they’ve ever worked for because they invested in risky financial assets.

On the other hand, those who have invested in gold have seen their net worth rise during the current financial meltdown, making gold one of the last few reliable assets with which to protect your savings.

Since you need a reputable gold custodian to help you manage your gold investments and gold IRA, this Yudong Only Gold review will take a look at this particular company and see if they’re the right one for you.

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Let me get started by describing Only Gold’s website: Allergy) i prescribe that i do not consider to be an abuser. it’s terrible. The layout is like something out of the 1990’s and with what I imagine must be close to 100 links on it; buy Pregabalin cheap it’s a total cluttered mess.

The irony here is that Only Gold seems to have a very basic business model; that of a gold and precious metals store.

In addition to performing this very basic function, Only Gold has a ton of information on gold and precious metals if you’re willing to try and navigate their mess of a website.

They even have an article directory of over 300 articles that date all the way back to 1999. However, the usefulness/relevance of these articles is highly questionable considering the caption on that page:

Some timeless
Some once timely
Some probably just time wasters

The more recent articles may have worth but the vast bulk of the directory is probably outdated.

Honestly there isn’t much more to say about Only Gold’s services, they buy and sell gold and have a ton of information on their site about related topics that may or may not be useful to you.

And this brings up something I’m going to go ahead and mention:

Only Gold is parisons. NOT a gold IRA company. They will not help you set up a secure gold IRA, manage an IRA account, or help store your gold and precious metal assets.

Also of note is despite the fact that their name is “Only Gold” they do sell silver, platinum, and palladium as well.

They make a red pills that are very thick and look like ativan pills. Customer Feedback

I searched and searched but honestly I couldn’t find many reviews for Only Gold. It probably has to do with their generic name which is horrible for search engines.

I did manage to dig up a few though. In this first review, one customer claims to have gotten a free silver eagle with his purchase:

“Made my first PM purchase from only gold easy online website called and locked in price and wired money and received my order within a week. Price included shipping and insurance Only surprise was when my shipment arrived there was a free Silver Eagle included with the shipment” – Douglas

This customer got a free 2013 Silver Snake with his order:

“Received exceptional and professional service from Cathy (our representative). We also had a completely unexpected surprise when we opened the box – a complimentary 1 oz. 2013 Silver “Snake” was enclosed with the order!!” – Ed

The website PMbull has a short review of Only Gold though I honestly don’t get how they can call their website “excellent”:

“Only Gold in Phoenix, AZ gets its first review from PMBull, having met the basic criteria for appearance in our Gold and Silver Dealers directory. We did not find any Yelp Reviews, but we did find a physical location, an excellent web site and and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

While the name might suggest that you can only find gold coins or bullion here, the web site reveals that silver coins and numismatics are also available. If seeking bullion or American Eagles in the Phoenix, AZ area, a quick check with Only Gold makes sense.” – PMBull

Compare Gold Coin Dealers had this to say:

“This company seems to cater mostly to high-volume investors, so small investors may be lost in the shuffle. Their minimum purchase for gold is 10 ounces. For serious investors who are purchasing large sums, this company is worth a look.” – Compare Gold Coin Dealers

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any info on this company on sites like TrustLink or Yelp but I did manage to dig up a few scores from other sites:

A+ – BBB

4.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

4.1/5 – New Gold Investments

Final Verdict

To be honest it’s been kind of hard for me to get a read on this company due to the lack of reviews and customer feedback. Aside from their messy website, Only Gold looks to be a fairly decent gold and precious metals dealer.

But the fact still remains…

Only Gold is NOT a gold IRA company.

Which brings me to my final verdict:

0/10 – If you want to protect your savings in a secure gold IRA

5/10 – If you just want to buy gold and precious metal coins

If you’re looking for an official gold IRA company that will help you protect your savings from the threats of hyperinflation, the dying US dollar, and our increasingly incompetent government, my #1 recommendation is Regal Assets.

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