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Modern Coin Mart Review

If you’re thinking about investing in physical gold assets to protect your savings then you’re making a smart decision. As the volatile economy continues to devalue financial assets like currency and stocks, the value of gold continues to increase.

Finding the right gold custodian to manage and protect your gold and precious metals account is extremely important when you invest. Picking the wrong one can actually lead to you losing money instead of making a profit.

In this e use of a different gelling agent. Modern Coin Mart review we’ll take a look at this particular gold investment company and see if they’re a wise choice, or just another bad apple looking to take your money.

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Launched in 2004 by John Maben Modern Coin Mart is “setting new standards” for coin and bullion sales.

On their website they certainly have a very large number of products to choose from, including coins from Canada, Australia, China, and other countries. This is something that isn’t seen very often from most gold investment companies.

While MCM does provide plenty of purchasing options there is a catch. Here is an excerpt from their website that will explain it:

“To be clear, our purpose is to provide precious metals for those who choose to include them as a part of their retirement portfolio. We are not an investment broker, thus do not give advice regarding what to buy and when to buy it. We have an agreement through trusted IRA administration firms to make buying precious metals for your IRA simpler and easier on you.”

It seems that while MCM will help you buy the precious metals you need for your IRA, they don’t take an active role in helping you to manage your account.

Let’s move on to the next part of this Modern Coin Mart review and see what actual customers are saying about this company.

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When it comes to customer feedback on Modern Coin Mart, the biggest surprise is the lack of reviews. Places that usually have plenty of feedback on gold investment companies, such as TrustLink and Yelp, had no info on Modern Coin Mart.
Let’s go over the overall ratings for Modern Coin Mart. Truthfully there wasn’t a lot to go on but these are the sources I found.

4.2/5 – Gold is Money

A+ – BBB

5/5 – Ebay (from last 12 months)

Now let’s get to the conclusion of this Modern Coin Mart review.

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Overall Modern Coin Mart seems to be a fairly solid gold and precious metals dealer but there are two things that stick out like sore thumbs::

  • Their lack of focus on gold IRAs
  • Their lack of customer feed back and ratings

This leads me to my final verdict:

3/10 if you want to start a gold IRA

8/10 if you just want to buy/sell gold and precious metal coins

It’s rare that I give a split score like this but I feel it is appropriate for Modern Coin Mart. For those who just want to buy and sell coins, it seems to be a great place to do so, especially if you like using eBay.

On the other hand, if you’re serous about protecting your savings with a safe and secure gold IRA, Modern Coin Mart isn’t for you. I’d say skip it and go with another company that places a stronger focus on IRAs.

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