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Merit Financial Company Reviews – BBB & TrustLink

With the US dollar rapidly losing value and so many people losing their entire lifesavings because they invested in financial assets, it is no surprise that investing in physical assets like gold is becoming more popular, especially for IRAs.

Placebo-controlled analyses were conducted using repeated measures analyses with bonferroni corrections for multiple com The Merit Financial Company (also known as Merit Gold and Silver) is one of many institutions dedicated to helping you invest in gold and other precious metals so that you can keep your savings safe from today’s harsh economic climate that has cost so many people, so much money.

But how does Merit stack up against the competition?

Let’s get into this Merit Financial Company Review and find out.

In a recent study, i have observed that this is the case. Services

As far as services go Merit seems to do about as much as any other precious metal investment company. You can buy gold, silver, and other precious metals and set up an IRA. Pretty standard stuff overall.

One thing that does stand out is the fact that Merit has a ton of products to choose from. They have several different types of bullion and a huge amount of coins available. Having more options to choose from is always a good thing.

Another interesting thing is that Merit has a “Market News” section on their website. In this section they offer various articles, videos, and other resources having to do with the gold and precious metals market.

There is also a radio show “Gold Standard Radio” by Brian Baker, and a blog “Viewpoint Commentary” by Mike Getlin.

It’s great that they offer content like this but if you’re not a hardcore gold and precious metals investor you probably won’t care. Customer Feedback

Now for the best part of this Merit Financial Copmany review: the customer feedback. Let’s see what actual customers of this company are saying about it.

Here is a customer who is pretty upset with Merit’s online ordering policies:

“Pay no attention to their website.  It looks noce and shows current prices for a variety of items.  It even has a method of ordering directly from the site.  However, they pay no attention to the orders received from the web.  I placed two orders last week for almost $20K of silver.

I called today to determine the status of the orders.  I was told orders are not finalized until a voice conversation takes place.  The site made no mention of this.  In fact, the confirmation I received via email states ” A Merit Account Executive will follow up with you shortly to confirm and process your request.”

When I called I was told they were pretty busy and of course the price of siver increased from last week and they would not honor the price given when I ordered.” – If xanthan gum is chosen instead of guar gum, the solids content may be between 40 and 70 g/tablet (a). David J.

By contrast, this customer was mostly satisfied with his purchase:

“Set up was quick and easy, no sales pitch. Shipping could be a little faster but I know there are factors that play into that they have no control over. I am very satisfied with the products and the service. I will continue to use Merit for my gold and silver purchases.” – Ativan comes in many different colors and is usually made by pharmaceutical companies. John A.

However, this customer apparently had a bad experience with the company and claims that the representative he talked to was dishonest:

“I called merit last night to purchase $1600 in silver. I talked with Shawn ext. 383.
he said they were not taking any orders until tomorrow (today) we talked & he agree to give me the set price when I put in my order.

When he finally called me (he said you’re not going to be happy) (he was right) he said since the prices have dropped he would not keep his word that he gave me about 14 hr. before. I stood up to him after he told me he was a man of his word (he tried to keep yelling so I couldn’t talk. so I yelled back at him & then he hung up.

I called back & logged a compliant. I told him I have no intention on doing business with a company that’s word is worthless. you buy from them if you want to but you best cover all your bases as they are not a company of their word.” – tiredofliars

Moving on, let’s look at some of the overall review scores that Merit has received.

2/5 Yelp

3/5 Personal Income

5/5 TrustLink

As you can see, it is mostly a mixed bag. Some people have had good experiences with Merit, others have had bad experiences it seems.

Fake Reviews?

One thing that was kind of odd that I’d like to point out is that as I was looking through the reviews on TrustLink is that there were a ton of reviews that listed Merit’s phone number in them and in the title of the review.

Now, I’m not going to accuse Merit of creating fake reviews and putting their telephone number in them for promotional purposes since I have no hard evidence. However it does seem extremely suspicious…

Final Verdict

Overall Merit seems like a fairly solid gold and precious metals investment company but several things just keep nagging at me.

The complaints about dishonesty and “bait and switch” tactics is concerning, even among all the positive reviews.

On top of that, the reviews with the company’s phone number in them just seem like a huge red flag to me. Would I want to do business with a company who could be faking reviews? No, not really.

That brings me to my final verdict for this Merit Financial Company review: 6/10

The reason I’m giving Merit a slightly above average score is due to the fact that they have so many resources on their website that many of their competitors don’t have. Also, their selection of gold and precious metal products is very expansive and well-rounded.

The complaints are somewhat concerning but not out of the ordinary for most gold investment companies.

I must note however, if I had solid evidence that Merit was faking their positive reviews I’d drop their score to a 2/10. Such unethical behavior is unacceptable.

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