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Lexi Capital Review

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is the fact that so many people have lost their entire lifesavings in the Great Recession because they invested in unreliable financial assets like currency and stocks.

However while many lost everything, a few wise investors actually profited during the Great Recession; the people who invested in physical gold.

Not receiving milk at this stage can cause them to be more susceptible to the flu or to develop asthma. Lexi Capital is a newcomer in the gold and precious metals investment scene, having been founded back in 2012. While they do seem to have most of the basic services you’d expect, they also lack the credibility of tried and true gold investment companies.

Is Lexi Capital a worthwhile option for you?

This Lexi Capital Review will answer that question.

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Before I get into their services let me just that can i buy Lyrica online their website is terrible. This may sound harsh but gaining any useful information on their website was a huge chore.

There is no product gallery so outside of the fact that they offer coins and bars you really can’t tell exactly what it is you can buy from them. I suppose you’re just supposed to call a representative to find out.

I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to see what I’m buying, even if it is just a picture on a website.

Lexi Capital does offer an IRA service apparently but once again details were very minimal. Ultimately they basically tell you to call one of their service representatives.

On their home page they do have some interesting things such as a graph tracking the value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They also have a few blog posts as well but as with most of their site it feels as if Ativan comes in many different colors and is usually made by pharmaceutical companies. very little effort was put into them.

Overall the customer experience their website gives is very bare bones and just feels cheap overall.

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Finding reviews on Lexi Capital is like finding a needle in a haystack but I managed to dig up a few. Let’s see what others are saying about Lexi Capital.

To start, this customer seemed to be pleased overall with his experience. However, the review is listed as “not currently recommended” on Yelp for some reason:

“I’d rank Lexi Capital as a First rate brokerage company. Ecellent staff, easy and inexpensive transactions. We work with an executive who is a huge asset to the company. He provides top notch service whenever we need it.  I was nervous when first dealing with the company as they are one of the newer companies that we have purchased coins from, however the transaction was completed is less than 5 days from payment to delivery.  I’d recommend.” – Jacob H.

Here is another positive review:

“I have had been doing business with Lexi Capital for several months now. I have had excellent service from my representative LaGrande Battles. He has been patient, and explained everything about my coin and metal purchases.” – Thomas L.

IMPORTANT: There was one complaint about delivery times on the BBB website but due to their policy I can’t post it here. The complaint was resolved yet Lexi Capital still holds an A- with the BBB.

Now let’s look at the overall scores for Lexi Capital.

3/5 – Top IRA Gold Rollover

2.5/5 – Personal Income

5/5 – TrustLink (based off of only 1 review)

Final Verdict

Due to the lack of info both on Lexi Capital’s own website and on the Internet in general, this company comes across as a huge mystery.

Can I really trust a company that was founded just a few years ago in 2012? I don’t know, and most people don’t seem to know either. Is anyone even doing business with Lexi Capital?

Perhaps the most glaring issue with Lexi Capital is their terrible marketing. Their website looks like a very minimal amount of effort was put into it and their dead Facebook page has only two posts from back in 2012.

Honestly, if a company doesn’t care enough to properly market themselves and give the consumer a decent amount of information on what they’re all about, then I don’t particularly trust them to care much about my IRA account either.

Which leads me to my final verdict for this Lexi Capital Review:

anyhow 3/10

Lexi Capital could possibly be a good gold investment company, but their general apathy towards promoting themselves really rubs me the wrong way. Until they get their act together and start taking their business seriously I can’t recommend them in the slightest.

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