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Review of Lear Capital Gold Company – Better Business Bureau

With so many people losing their entire lifesavings due to the fact that they invested in unreliable financial assets many are now turning to the security of physical gold assets.

Lear Capital is one of many gold investment companies and are the self-styled “Precious Metal Leaders”. Based out of Los Angeles their business model revolves around both gold investment and retirement options.

Let’s take a closer look and see what they have to offer in this Lear Capital review.

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When it comes to services, Lear Capital covers the basics:

  • Buys the gold the IRS approves
  • Sets up a self-directed IRA
  • Stores the gold somewhere safe

However, they also have some extra features that are noteworthy.

One of these features is the “Knowledge Center” on their website. This is basically a series of downloadable reports on various aspects of the precious metals industry as well as events affecting current market conditions. This is a nice feature but I suspect that only hardcore investors will make use of it.

On top of this they also have an “Investor Resources” section of their website offering the following:

  • Precious Metal News
  • Coin Search
  • Historical Chart Center

While it is good that they offer these options this is also something I feel only hardcore investors will get much use out of. People simply looking to set up and IRA to protect their savings may not find the information quite as useful.

One thing that should be mentioned is that Lear Capital has an ascending fee system for gold IRA accounts. What this means is that can you buy Pregabalin over the counter the bigger your account gets, the more you must pay them.

buy Lyrica tablets Customer Feedback

Now for the most interesting part of this Lear Capital review: the customer comments. Let’s take a look at what customers of this company are saying about it.

This particular customer was very satisfied with Lear Capital’s service when it comes to silver coins:

“Ive purchased several silver polar bears from Lear over the past year and I’ve been very satisfied with their service.  My representative is David Goodman and he usually calls me when silver dips. I recommend David as he is very knowledgeable of many products.” – ve sleep parameters were measured using polysomnography with four nights of recordings (two weeks apart). Larrin T.

On the other hand, this customer suspects that Lear Capital only gives good service to big spenders:

“First off, we did read the fine print and we expected some delays but this is ridiculous.  We sent them a check, they cashed it, it cleared, they held on to my money (the check cleared) for close to a month and could not tell us when the order would ship.

Then I had to place the order on hold (because they had no idea when it would ship) and when we removed the hold, they still couldn’t tell us when out order would ship. This practice doesn’t seem right,  I guess you have to be a big dollar buyer to get the service.” – Ativan is an older medication that has been used for a very long time. Mike U.

And this customer has a problem with Lear Capital’s buy back policy:

“Do not do business with Lear Capital. They charged me $800 over fair market value for a 1 ounce 1924 Gold coin. I learned that Lear charge me an excessive amount when I went to sell my coin. Lear said they would only pay me $1,688 for a coin they sold to me for $2,485 just 2 years earlier (when gold was $300 less per ounce).” – Martin C.

Overall Lear Capital seems to have a mixed bag of reviews. Their overall scores also show this same trend.

4/5 – TrustLink

3.5/5 – Yelp

AAA – Business Consumer Alliance

Final Verdict

All in all Lear Capital seems to be a pretty decent gold investment company. While there are some complaints and negative reviews things seem to be pretty positive overall.

And if you’re really into the details of gold investment, you’ll appreciate all the extra info they have on their website.

The only major drawback is their scaling fee system. If you plan on investing into a sizable gold IRA this could be problematic for you. A company that offers a flat fee, like Regal Assets, would probably be more appropriate.

This leads me to my final score for this Lear Capital review:

e use of a different gelling agent. 7/10

Lear Capital is an interesting case due to the fact that while they aren’t a bottom of the barrel garbage company like Goldline, they also aren’t top tier like Regal Assets either. Additionally, they do stand slightly above mediocre companies like American Bullion.

If you’re looking for a top tier gold investment company to ensure you don’t lose your lifesavings due to today’s declining economy my #1 recommendation is Regal Assets.

Regal Assets is the only gold investment company I know of that has perfect scores with the BBB, BCA, Personal Income, Yelp, and TrustLink.

Their dedication to providing exceptional customer service is second to none and they also specialize in helping you rollover your 401k or other IRA into a safe, secure gold IRA without any tax penalties.

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