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Gold Bullion IRA Plans – Protecting Your Retirement Savings from Catastrophe

Putting money away for retirement with an IRA is one of the most prudent things that you can do. However, today’s chaotic economic climate can easily decimate your savings and leave you with nothing but despair if you’re not careful.

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While investing in gold bullion is a wise decision if you’re concerned about things like the decline of the US dollar it can be hard to know where to start.

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side of the eye. What is a Gold Bullion IRA?

Before you begin looking at Gold Bullion IRA plans you need to have an understanding of how a gold bullion IRA works.

A gold bullion IRA is an IRA in which physical gold is the asset you own.

There are several benefits when it comes to Gold Bullion IRA plans:

  • The value of physical gold tends to go up during economic crises while financial assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) lose value
  • Gold protects you from currency devaluation
  • Gold is considered a worldwide, universal currency
  • Gold isn’t affected by bank crises like financial assets
  • The value of gold isn’t negatively affected by governments printing excess amounts of money or making bad decisions for the most part

Another great thing about gold is the fact that it tends to increase in value, especially during times of economic hardship.

While everyone possessing financial assets is struggling, your investment in physical gold is safe, secure, and likely increasing in value.

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When it comes to Gold Bullion IRA plans there are several options to choose from.

Different gold IRA custodians have different rules and regulations, as well as fees for managing your investment. While some only offer the bare minimum when it comes to your Gold Bullion IRA plan, others will take a more active role in helping to manage your investment.

Since everyone’s financial needs are different, the best course of action is to actually take the time to contact the gold IRA company and speak with one of their representatives.

A custodian that is willing to work with you on an individual level to meet your specific needs as an investor is something to look for.

Some gold IRA custodians also provide free information packets that will help introduce you to Gold Bullion IRA plans and how they work as well. This can be a great start if you’re new to the gold investment industry.

Setting Up Your Gold Bullion IRA Plan

Getting set up with a Gold Bullion IRA plan is actually very simple if you choose the right custodian to manage your investment.

In many cases they can even help you to “rollover” your existing IRA (such as a 401k) if you have one, into your new gold bullion IRA without any tax penalties.

If you’re new to investing in gold, you should look for the following qualifications in a gold IRA company:

  • Is accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Has a good track record
  • Works to safeguard your investment while maximizing profits
  • Is knowledgeable and vigilant about ever-changing market conditions
  • Has prompt and friendly customer service who will honestly answer all of your questions

When it comes to finding the best gold IRA custodian, my personal highest recommendation is Regal Assets.

The reason Regal Assets is my top pick is because of their flawless track record, including being accredited by the BBB and having a 5 star rating (the highest score possible) on TrustLink based off of over 180 reviews.

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