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Capital Gold Group Review – Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This!

Protecting your life savings is more important than ever in today’s harsh economic environment. This Capital Gold Group reviews will help you decide whether or not this company is the right gold investment options for your savings.

Founded in 2000 the Capital Gold Group, like many other gold investment companies, places a heavy focus on long term investing and ensuring that your savings are protected against various economic factors that can devalue your assets.

Before we get into the various services they offer, let’s talk about their website a moment.

order Pregabalin online uk The CGG Website

The first thing I’d like to go over in this Od tego kiedy rozmawiamy o niepozostanie na skrzynię, skrzynię chciwie kieruję po dwóch spolu. Capital Gold Group review is the general atmosphere and approach they take on their website.

The first thing I noticed while the site is attractive and easy to navigate it tends to throw a ton of information at you all at once. There are opt-in boxes to sign up for info packages, promotions for their radio show, and a lot more competing for your attention.

On top of this The exception of alcohol the abuse of drugs is universal. “information overload they tend to use rather advanced terminology on their site that could be confusing if you’re new to gold investing. They do explain some of the terminology in their FAQ though.

Nishifukuma Services Offered

Let’s get to the meat of this Capital Gold Group Review.

Like other companies of a similar nature, CGG works with their clients to help them add gold (and sliver) to their investment portfolio. This is typically done through one of their “Gold Specialists” which is essentially a customer service representative that helps with account management and will answer any questions clients may have.

Here is a brief list of the most notable services offered by CGG:

  • Assistance with gold and silver purchasing
  • Stores precious metals at a third party depository
  • Delivers your gold and silver when needed

It should be mentioned that while they will do rollovers for IRAs it is not a core aspect of the CGG business model. This means that while the CGG does have an in-house IRA team, the company is more concerned with investors looking to turn a profit by selling their gold at some point.

Aside from all the standard services CGG also has an affiliate program. This allows clients to promote the service to others and earn a commission in the process.

However, as with all affiliate marketing you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money unless you have experience with sales and marketing in the first place.

Ratings and Feedback

This is perhaps the most controversial section of this Capital Gold Group review and for good reason.

Overall the CGG has had mostly positive feedback and ratings. However, there have been some complaints that need to be addressed as well.

Here is what one client had to say in his Capital Gold Group Review:

“Capital is in a “rush” to get your money but slow to ship and refuse to work with you if you are unsatisfied. They also will take advantage of unknowledgeable customers if they can, charging excessive shipping and shipping poor quality coins.” – Mark W.

Another client had an issue with CGG’s buy back policy in his Capital Gold Group Review:

“I bought gold from there over two years ago – went to resell some of it today, and it was worth half of what they sold it to me (as prices have not gone down, only up a bit since I bought it) – meaning Capital Gold group took 30-50% over wholesale” – Javelyn J.

However, there are also positive remarks like this Capital Gold Group Review:

“the help i got from several employee’s was extreamly good and heplful, everything was usefull and make me fell secure at what i was doing” – Earl B.

And this Capital Gold Group review wouldn’t be complete without some ratings for Capital Gold Group from other review sites:

  • 3.5/5 – Personal Income
  • 3/5 – Gold IRA Reviews
  • 5/5 – TrustLink
  • 1/5 – Yelp

My Final Verdict

Let’s go ahead and get to the final verdict in this Capital Gold Group Review.

Overall CGG seems like a solid company and is relatively popular with gold investors. The fact that they have some extra bells and whistles like an affiliate program and radio show is also a plus if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, two critical factors keep nagging at me:

  • IRA rollover isn’t core to the CGG business model
  • The CGG buy back policy is very questionable

This leads me to my final verdict:

unfrequentlyach subject received four capsules of placebo or 30 mg d-panthenol or 10 mg melatonin, both taken in the morning. 6.5/10

Now don’t get me wrong, a 6.5 isn’t a terrible score, it is above average after all. But the thing is, if you’re buying gold as an investment, it only makes sense that you’d want to sell it at some point. And with their ambiguous buy back policy CGG loses some points in that regard.

And as for the IRA issue, while CGG will do a rollover it isn’t their primary focus. There are definitely better companies out there if you’re looking to start a safe and secure gold IRA.

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