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Birch Gold Group Review

As the US dollar continues to die a slow and undignified death many people are losing everything they’ve ever worked for due to risky financial investments that they’ve made.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you don’t take steps to protect your assets using a gold IRA you could be in serious financial danger.

In this Birch Gold Group review we’ll go over this company and see if they’re the one you should turn to in order to protect your assets from our turbulent economy.

Services and Products

Unlike many companies I review Birch Gold Groups is an actual gold IRA custodian, not just a gold and precious metals broker. As such they offer what you’d expect from a custodian: the ability to buy gold and silver, 401k rollover services, and more.

In addition to this they also have info on their website about the current prices of gold and silver as well as various retirement options. Oddly enough, they have information on platinum and palladium despite not offering these precious metals.

Despite all of this, there does seem to be a lack of information on the company itself and the people behind it. This may or may not be cause for concern but it does seem odd.

Customer Reviews

At this point in this Birch Gold Group review, let’s take a moment to go over what various customers are saying about the company.

This customer had a good customer service experience with them:

“I just wanted to say the Scott Anderson did a very good job on my account. Throughout the process Scott was engaged and went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable. This is a professional outfit with some good people working there.” – Greg from TrustLink

This customer also reported having a positive experience when rolling over their 401k:

“I want to give a big “thank you” to Birch Gold Group for helping me move my 401k into a gold IRA. They were great every step of the way” – Virginia H. from

I had to do quite a bit of digging around but I did manage to find a negative review for Birch Gold Group that complains about allegedly marked up prices and a company manager allegedly using a fake name:

“Whoever you sent to the company didn’t even verify who he was talking to, his name isn’t even Vince Miller, he’s using a fake name.  Why would an honest company manger use a fake name? What are the other names of the officers of the company? Why do they hide their names or use fake names? Who owns the company?

They state that if you want to buy $1,000 worth of gold or silver, that is what they give you. But they do not ever tell you what their markup or profit is. Their mark up on collectible gold and silver is 30%, their mark up on bullion gold and silver is around 2%.” – Bill Simpson from Ripoff Report

Despite this one bump in the road on what seems to be an otherwise perfect track record, the Birch Gold Group has very high scores for the most part.

5/5 – Yelp (based on 1 review)

4.9/5 – TrustLink

2.5/5 – Personal Income

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

Let’s end this review with a final score for Birch Gold Group. When I do these reviews I look for both the positive and negative about a company and this is one of the few times I really had trouble finding anything negative. Due to this, Birch Gold Group gets a:


Out of all the information I dug through the only thing that really stands out in my mind that could possibly drag the score down is that the company seems to be reluctant to share info about themselves.

I don’t know if the review claiming a company manager used a fake name is true or not but I do know that it was nearly impossible to find any decent info on the people behind the company.


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